Madden NFL 21 – Cornerbacks to Rely on in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT)

Madden NFL 21 – Cornerbacks to Rely on in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT)

In NBA 2K21, one defensive position which focuses on containing runners from the side lines are Cornerbacks with outstanding pace and tacking capabilities to boot.

However, the best Cornerbacks in the game usually require a hefty chunk of your Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) coins to spare, sold mostly in the game’s popular Auction House.

Still, if you’re looking for great Cornerbacks to start your MUT journey today, these players should definitely be on top of your list, especially if they can be recruited for less than 10k MUT coins each:

  1. Troy Hill (Los Angeles Rams, Team of the Week): OVR 88

– The 29-year old is Los Angeles Rams’ invaluable defensive player from the flanks, utilizing his immense speed and agility to catch up to opposition runners blitzing towards your end zones.

  • Acceleration, ACC (General): 96
  • Agility, AGI (General): 95
  • Speed, SPD (General): 92
  • Jumping, JMP (General): 89
  • Awareness, AWA (General): 83
  • Play Recognition, PRC (General): 83
  • Darius Phillips (Cincinnati Bengals, Team of the Week): OVR 88
  • – Another pacey American footballer, Phillips never stops running when he has his eyes on a target, ensuring your team is safe from the flanks that he is covering.

    • Speed, SPD (General): 94
    • Acceleration, ACC (General): 92
    • Agility, AGI (General): 89
    • Man Coverage, MCV (Coverage): 86
    • Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 82
    • Play Recognition, PRC (General): 82
  • Stephon Gilmore (New England Patriots, Team of the Week): OVR 86
  • – Gilmore is an experienced Cornerback in Madden NFL, and he guards his areas very staunchly if a player tries to play a pass or getting a run in around his perimeter.

    – With respectable pace to note, he is a good option to consider early on.

    • Acceleration, ACC (General): 86
    • Man Coverage, MCV (Coverage): 85
    • Awareness, AWA (General): 85
    • Play Recognition, PRC (General): 85
    • Zone Coverage, ZCV (Coverage): 84
    • Press, PRS (Coverage): 84
  • Richard Sherman (San Francisco 49ers, Core Elite): OVR 86
  • – Another veteran of the game, Richard Sherman is also a well-rounded interceptor of opponent passes while defending your team’s flanks.

    – Although he may not be bulky in size, he more than makes up for it by his superb speed, on-field reads, and quick ball interceptions.

    • Jumping, JMP (General): 88
    • Awareness, AWA (General): 88
    • Play Recognition, PRC (General): 88
    • Zone Coverage, ZCV (Coverage): 86
    • Press, PRS (Coverage): 85
    • Agility, AGI (General): 83
  • Kevin King (Green Bay Packers, Team Builders): OVR 86
  • – Green Bay Packers’ very own Cornerback is an outstanding player with enormous potential, who protects the Packers from both side lines throughout a match.

    – Still at 26 years old, he is capable of developing his already respectable in-game stats further too, with his pace and agility rivalling the elites of the game.

    • Acceleration, ACC (General): 92
    • Agility, AGI (General): 91
    • Jumping, JMP (General): 91
    • Speed, SPD (General): 89
    • Awareness, AWA (General): 81
    • Play Recognition, PRC (General): 81

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