Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For indeed, that’s all who ever had.

Portrait Pictures – Ideas for Your Next Creative Activity

Drawings beautify and embellish walls, cards, books or any other object on which they are created or displayed. It is one of the significant forms of expression in the art form and is sometimes intermixed with the term painting. Conventional drawing has very little or nil color while modern drawings can make use of colored pencils. However, the support mediums are the same for both; painting and drawings, like chalks or liquid mediums.

Drawings are classified into varied categories such as doodling, cartooning, figure drawing or free hand and several methods are used to achieve this. Methods include line drawing, shading, tracing, stippling or sketching. There are technical drawings which lie outside the scope of art such as plans of residential or commercial buildings, circuitry, machinery etc. However, in today’s digital age, drawing has no longer remained confined to paper and pencil. There are several online tools or apps that will let your creativity run riot on the digital devices.

This quote attributed to Margaret Mead from “curing nuclear madness”. Since there are many important reason it would be worth explain why I am supporting this one. Few years ago, I read book “Roots” by Alex Haley. Story based on 18th century. I was rive while I was reading the book. There has written introduction of real slavery, families broken apart for their sold to different owners. Enslaved pleading lives only brutalized & killed. I saw a Turkish TV series “Sultan Sulieman”( his empire called ottoman) real history based on 15th century. Different European country lady, man slavery. Women live in Haram those get good foods, nice cloth but sometime given entertain in front man. Sultan Sulieman wife Hurrem (she was slave, come from present country name Poland) so miracle lucky that she was queen. Its real history in Ottoman Empire. Leave it. Sometime like slavery happening modern time. & its victims on women especially in Asia. Women defeat enjoy money, enjoy basic rights, denied higher education, can be victims in raped, killed, force marriage, and live in fear. Anyway, I learned many brave person who at that times seem alone in world. They look on the entire world & feral institution. They didn’t care the reveled history & corrupt culture was created slave. They just wanted to stop it. It had to be, most unbelievable thing about how slavery ended. An institution that was adorned into human society which endorsed by Bible, forward to Quran. Introducing society adorned in global economy was taken on & defeated by a movement started by a very small number of people. There brave souls organized people across the world & largely stopped slavery globally.