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Drawings beautify and embellish walls, cards, books or any other object on which they are created or displayed. It is one of the significant forms of expression in the art form and is sometimes intermixed with the term painting. Conventional drawing has very little or nil color while modern drawings can make use of colored pencils. However, the support mediums are the same for both; painting and drawings, like chalks or liquid mediums.

Drawings are classified into varied categories such as doodling, cartooning, figure drawing or free hand and several methods are used to achieve this. Methods include line drawing, shading, tracing, stippling or sketching. There are technical drawings which lie outside the scope of art such as plans of residential or commercial buildings, circuitry, machinery etc. However, in today’s digital age, drawing has no longer remained confined to paper and pencil. There are several online tools or apps that will let your creativity run riot on the digital devices.