A movie based on a football game in Telugu- Sudani From Nigeria

A movie based on a football game in Telugu- Sudani From Nigeria

Switch to the OTT Platform for your favorite Telugu movies if you come across many viruses while downloading various Latestmovies online. The OTT platform introduced by Aha media makes it possible for the users to watch Telugu movies online on renowned platforms like MX Player and Zee5. This has been a great source of entertainment for the people during the lockdown. To all the sports fans who like to watch inspirational movies, Sudani from Nigeria can be a good option. Tollywood fans love the movie and have given great reviews.

Sudani from Nigeria is a Malayalam language sports drama film and was released on 23rd March 2018. Zakariya Mohammed has written and directed this film. Also, MuhsinParari has co-written the dialogues of the film. Shyju Khalid was the cinematographer and also produced the film along with Sameer Thahir. The film stars SoubinShahir as Majeed and Sudu as Samuel Abiola Robinson. Rex Vijayan is the music director. The Budget of the film is Rs 2 Crore, and the box office is Rs 30 Crore. This movie can be watched along with family and friends, and its running time is 124 minutes.

The film won five awards at the 2018 Kerala state Film awards, including Best screenplay, a Best film with Popular Appeal and Aesthetic Value, Best Debut Director, Best Actor, and best Character actress. At the 2018 National Film Awards, the film won the award for Best Feature Film in Malayalam.

The film starts with Sudu, who comes from Nigeria to India to earn money and joins the football team in Kerala. Majeed is the manager of the football team whose bonding with his family was not that good. He belongs to a financially weaker section and is in search of a girl for marriage. Suddenly, Sudu was hospitalized due to an accident. Majeed took responsibility for Sudu and brought him to his home. There is a linguistic barrier between both Majeed and Sudu, but the factor of love keeps them together. The audience has loved the acting and expressions of Sudu. There are a lot of moments in the movie which will bring laughter to your face. Also, there are some moving parts in the movie in the last part which will fill tears in your eyes.

Telugu movies are often more in number than any other Bollywood and Hollywood movies. People love Tollywood so much that they are ready to watch every movie that is released. Because of the lockdown in Cinemas, people couldn’t entertain themselves with the movies. Online platforms have been a great relief to all the fans.

In Sudani from Nigeria, the bond between the two, shown, is the very pure brotherhood. The movie teaches many humanity lessons in between, and people will love watching it. Overall, the movie is sweet, cute, and attractive. Everyone will love watching the movie as a viewer.