Smartest Crypto Trading Process You Must be Aware of

Smartest Crypto Trading Process You Must be Aware of

One of the most frequently asked questions is how the crypto works. In general terms, it is a decentralized interbank market where currency trading between banks takes place. That is, the crypto does not concentrate the operations inside it, as in the stock exchanges around the world. Now is the best option in this case.

The smartest Details

In this way, each bank offers its currencies and quotes with a small difference of values. And from them come all liquidity. The dollar is the most traded, followed by the euro, yen, pound sterling, Swiss franc and the dollars: Canadian, Australian and New Zealander. From crypto broker you can have the best support.

  • All these coins are very liquid and interesting to operate. What becomes highly dynamic in the investment, since the crypto works 24 hours, during five days per week? In Brazil, the opening takes place on Sundays and closes on Friday evenings.
  • Now that you already know how the crypto works, let’s quickly understand how to trade. In this market, all operations are short-term or known as trading. There are, therefore, two ways of executing them: manual or automated.

Types of operations

In the manual, you need to make the decisions and give the buy and sell orders. In the automatic, everything can be done by robots – software’s that come with a strategy ready. They then not only analyse the charts, but also conduct all negotiations with a risk set by you.

Through this operating system, every time you make a purchase or sale you can risk, for example, 1% of your capital. For this you place an order called a stop loss that limits your maximum loss, regardless of the size of the account.

With this, in case you win – called trade profit – and if you get a good profit, the robot closes the order. And this oscillation happens quickly in this market. The important thing is to learn how the crypto works and get right in choosing that operating system to succeed.